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I’ve heard countless mama challenges delivered in many different packages… 

Mamas who are living very different lives from one another:


Some artists. Others surgeons. 

Some full-time stay-at-home matriarchs. Others successful CEOs with cojones. 

One rare coin collector (dead serious.)

Some conceived with their partner. Others solo via IVF with a donor.

Some stopped after having 1. Others have up to 7 and are adopting more.

Some single moming with zero local family. Others manage an army of helpers.

Some live in Asia. Others in the US. And everywhere else in between.

Some in their 20s. Others in their late 40s.

Some have PhDs. Others have chronic mommy brain.

Some got hit hard by postpartum depression.

Others didn’t breast feed and started working full time again 1-week after giving birth.

Some financially dependent. Others supporting families and charities.

Some authoritative. Others permissive.

Some maximalists. Others minimalists. 

Some corporate. Others grassroots.

Some composed. Others total cuckoo whack jobs (like me).

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We all learn when we openly share our differences.

Studies have shown that women bond together when they are undergoing stress.

They instinctively seek social support for their own survival but also to protect their young.

Or they bond for soul connections and/or shits & giggles.

All the mamas I LOVE:

  • Have more to them beneath their mama cape.

  • Bring their own fresh and honest perspective to motherhood.

  • Are goldmines of wit and humor. 

  • Are themselves, unapologetic, and without filters.

  • Are miracle-makers in their communities. At home. And beyond.

I’ve witnessed how bringing these mamas together changes lives…


And this, in turn, has a multi-generational feel-good effect. Yes.

This is just the beginning.

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