Yoga Retreat in Bali, Indonesia


WHEN: May 16th - May 19th, 2019

WHERE: Desa Seni Village Resort, Bali


Fancy a joyous & good smelling weekend adventure
in Bali with Carmela and Lee Yen?


Get ready for a perfect mix of inner work and out of the box fun.

To set some personal goals & intentions.

Go deeper into your self-care routine.

And a chance to unwind in nature (and yes, the food is made with the produce from the garden pictured above)

More freedom. More vibrancy. More nature.


  • Time to slow down.

  • Deep breaths of fresh air.

  • Morning aroma yoga and meditation in the open air.

  • Self care routine. A little daydream. Delight.

  • Lay in the sun by the salt water pool with a cool fresh coconut. Or go surfing. Or neither.

  • All the free time to do the things you never have time to do.

  • Goal-setting results towards your happiness.

  • Giggles with Goddesses.

  • Cultivating inner nectar in the company of wildly inspiring women in the shala here pictured below in the middle of this vision board.

Screen Shot 2019-03-23 at 2.27.53 PM.png
  • A safe place to unburden and rebalance.

  • Detox with yin yoga.

  • Candle lit organic home cooked Balinese meals (retox optional.)

  • Hilarious conversations.

  • Tears while laughing.

  • Star-gazing.

  • Listen to chirping crickets.

  • Deep restorative uninterrupted sleep.

  • Wake up feeling wonderful.

  • Make lifelong friendships.

  • Return home feeling relaxed, grounded, and with a new sense of clarity.


Screen Shot 2019-03-23 at 2.32.45 PM.png


  • 3 nights accommodation at Desa Seni

  • 3 delicious and healthy breakfasts

  • 2 morning Aroma Yoga classes- led by Lee Yen

  • 2 evening Yin Yoga classes- led by Carmela Fleury

  • Daily Meditation

  • Visionboard Making Workshop

  • Daily Workshops

  • Use of Yoga Shala, Yoga Mats and Props

  • Delightful Surprises and much more...

    BASICALLY: everything is included except for your flights, extra meals ($13 lunch and $18 dinner if you decide to eat at Desa Seni), airport transfers (around $25 one way, cheaper if shared with others) and the incredible massages on site.

Screen Shot 2019-03-23 at 2.33.43 PM.png

MASSAGES @ DESA SENI- One of the top 3 massages I’ve ever had. They rubbed me with lemongrass oil and put a lavender diffuser under my nose. Every massage after that has been olfactorily disappointing.

SPECIAL GUEST- We have invited a very special guest to sprinkle some fairy dust wisdom on us– (get an energy healing reading with the beautiful Clara)

SPECIAL DINNER- Reservations have already been made at this incredible place called The Slow.




$779.00 USD

Early bird: $669.00 USD (ends April 15th)

VIA PAYPAL - Make payment via PayPal to:



****This is a women-only retreat.*****
****No prior yoga experience required.*****

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LEE YEN ANDERSON leads with her heart to inspire those who feel a deep yearning to make a joyful impact in our world.
She creates transformative events, sharing her sacred tools that support her clients to embody their unique gifts. Fueled by love and her connection to the magic and beauty of our Universe, Lee Yen founded The Scentsible Tribe in Jan 2014.
It is now a global organization of 23,000 members who are thriving in lifestyles that honor the earth and all living beings.




(The non-formal biography is that Lee Yen is a former investment analyst. Carmela is a former engineer…

They both started doing yoga 20 years ago for fitness, which led them to doing deeper spiritual work.

They are now knee deep into yoga, aromatherapy, breath work, meditation, free movement, plant medicine, and are both Martha Beck trained Wayfinders.

They met in Tokyo and recently relocated to their dreamland (Lee Yen to Hawaii and Carmela to Bali) with their families.

They would be thrilled to meet you in Bali and help you move toward your dreamland life.

They can't wait to share this adventure with you.)

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VIA PAYPAL - Make payment via PayPal to:




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