are you longing for a mama to nurture you?


Are you using ‘I have young kids’ as an excuse for why:

…‘you are so tired’

…'your closet hasn’t been revamped in 5 years’

…‘you forget appointments/ friends birthdays/ names of relatives etc’

…‘you’ve gained weight/ lost weight/ lost discipline etc’

… ‘you’ve fallen into a big boring daily routine’

… ‘you don’t have time to start/finish a project’

…‘you have stopped going to yoga/ horseback riding/studying the mating rituals of turtles, singing and dancing on tables, you get the gist...’

Is that working for you?

It’s not your kids getting in your way.

You know it’s YOU getting into your own way.


And you KNOW what you need to do. But somehow you don’t do it.

The good news is – I know why you’re stuck. Because I have been there too (with the occasional relapse)– but I’ve found a way out (with a faster recovery). If I can do it, so can you.

The way out may surprise you.





  • Imagine waking up feeling like you had the best restorative sleep ever

  • Imagine having time for yourself, your needs and your deepest desires without feeling selfish or guilty.

  • Imagine feeling stronger after eating a meal without needing to chug a bathtub of sugar with coffee to keep your vital organs functioning (i.e. staying alive).

  • Imagine not wanting to swandive into a barrel of wine every time your daughter refuses to put her shoes on/ go to sleep/ eat her food/ stop eating that candy/ stop using your iPhone/ brush teeth/ etc.

  • Imagine having a family dinner at a restaurant and being totally relaxed down to your bones.

  • Imagine feeling attractive and totally alive when you go out for a romantic dinner with husband/partner/lover.


If you feel like your life has been on pause,

come press play again.

Escape your mundane duties and come as the

woman you were before having children.


This course if for mamas who are looking to: 

- Reconnect with their old self and start trusting their gut intuition again

- Dissipate the brain fog/mommy brain and set new goals

- Structure their day efficiently so they don’t pass out with their kids, face down, drooling, still dressed while dinner and guests are waiting for them downstairs 

- Set healthy boundaries

- Not be thrown off course every time their kid is sick

- Make great decisions faster

- Give mama guilt a timeout

- Not feel alone or inadequate when mommyhood becomes intense

- Make lifelong friendships with like-minded mamas 

- Feel young, careless and free again. 


When your needs are in check, so are your kids.

Come find out how…




When: Fridays @ 9:30-11:15 AM
1. October 7th
2. October 14th
3. October 21st
4. October 28th

5. Last class will be wednesday Nov 2nd @9:30-11:15

Where: King George, 3rd floor above sandwich shop

11-1-3 Daikanyamacho 11, Shibuya-ku, 150-0034 Tokyo



+ 5-weeks x 90 mins workshops (using life-coaching and health-coaching tools) 

+ Tools to make your own visionboard

+ Easy & relaxing stretches and personalized notes to self-coach yourself for the rest of your life

+ Complimentary private 1:1 coaching session with me (11,000 yen value)

+ Tea & Snacks

+ Bucketloads of insight and fun

General Workshop Breakdown:

Week 1 - KNOW THYSELF- Figure out your authentic voice/ what makes 'you' you/ what nourishes you back to health/ your natural healing mechanisms

Week 2- HEALTHY MIND IN A HEALTHY BODY - Using mind/body connections to steer you in the right direction

Week 3- VISIONBOARDING- Creating a physical collage of what sparks joy for you. 

Week 4- INNER CRITIC VERSUS INNER HEALER- Find out who your inner critic is and shed some light on your inner healer.

Week 5- SIMPLICITY- How to simplify your life and achieve goals. Applying the conceptual into your real life.

Investment: $575.00 (59,000 yen) 

Limited registration:
Questions? Email

p.s. There will also be daycare available onsite if needed.

Testimonials From Mothers Who took the course last year:


“Thanks to Carmela’s unique coaching style I was able to find some much needed relaxing and recharging time in the middle of my busy Tokyo life.” 
– Megumi Moss, Founder and CEO of CareFinder


"Carmela helped me transform my life to be more positive and beautiful. With her guidance I've been able to have more focus, drive and energy." -Megumi Rubenstein, Certified Prenatal & Postnatal Yoga Instructor

"When I signed up to Carmela's workshop Raising happy mamas I did not know what to expect but the concept sounded fun so I went for it. I am so glad I did. I gained a lot of insight on my life, enjoyed relaxing quality time with other like-minded women, and received clarity on improvements I’d like to make in my life. A truly enriching experience altogether!"

–Pauline Lesguillons-


"Carmela's enthusiasm and deeply-felt empathy for the women she coaches make for a nurturing and uplifting experience. You would be hard-pressed to find a more supportive life coach." 
– Natale Cree Adgnot, Artist


“Carmela's spirit is contagious, and she has a wealth of knowledge to share. With equal parts of insightfulness and humor plus a dash of your introspection, it's a winning recipe that makes you want to listen to every word she says.”
–Robin Schneider-



French by birth and passport, Spanish by mother tongue, Finland Swede by marriage and gastronomically Japanese. I speak a mess of languages and feel at home on Skype.

I’m a mother of two. I’m a wonderful mother for the first 8 hours and then, well, I’m no longer wonderful, unless I get a self-care break.

I like to swear and be classy in equal amounts. I got a Bachelor of Science in Engineering and yet I will not make a decision without flipping a coin. I prefer being part of the cultural elite than the economic elite. No matter how many skateboard ramps I drop into, I will always love wearing silk dresses that twirl.

I am a Certified Martha Beck Lifecoach, and a Health coach from the Institute of Integrative Nutrition (p.s. I don’t believe in sunscreen). I am currently under the leadership of Sarah Powers to become a certified Insight Yoga teacher. I like to draw knowledge from these 3 pillars to help clients get healthy in their own innate way physically, emotionally, and mentally.