in Japan

Yin Yoga in Tokyo


WHEN: Tuesdays, 7:30 - 8:30pm @ Be Yoga in Hiroo, Tokyo, Japan

INVESTMENT: 2500Y/ 1 class or 10,000Y/ 5 classes

*Space is limited unless you can levitate.

Reserve your mat on Facebook under "YIN YOGA CLASSES TOKYO" or by emailing:

Do you need to hit the reset button? 

Slow down for a little while? 

Come let go on a yoga mat/bolster to slow music and very dimmed lights. 

Don't expect the usual yoga class- no down dog, no Sanskrit, no oms, no sun salutations, just a lot of feel-good relaxation.

Deep breaths. Allowing your body to activate its hard-wired self-healing mechanisms. 

This class is for 1st timers and lifetime yogis. 

Side effects: better sleep, a feeling of well being, & a calmer mind.

Warning: you may like it.

visionboarding in KaMakura


WHERE: Kamakura, Japan

INVESTMENT: It's free.

*Space is limited (must fit around our crayon colored kitchen table). 

Email to find out about the next session.

Let's collage and scheme goodness into your future.  

 "Uhm, what the heck is a visionboard?"

Have a look @carmela_fleury on instagram