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Group size:
6–8 women

(October 2019–March 2020)

WHERE: Online


Mamas goose,

Hope you’ve fattened up and ready for migration…

A step above the Online Mama Village—this is about diving deeper, connecting more, and soaring higher to reach bigger goals; individually and collectively.

This is for real moms who have real ambitions too.

Basically, this is NEXT LEVEL SHIT.


✓ Are you ready to stop procrastinating your heart’s deepest desires in the name of taking care of your family?

✓ Are you finally willing to get serious about valuing yourself?

✓ Are you curious about what it means to take care of yourself at the soul level? To live and parent from that energetic place?

✓ Do you need a serious kick in the ass (or a gentle wing-like nudge) to re-prioritize the important things you value and stop hiding from yourself?

Are you being called to write? Or are you willing to cheerlead, support, and hold accountable the ones who are?

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✓ How do you feel about short, fun, and impromptu dancing & lip-syncing?

✓ Fancy making some money on the side together?

✓ Do you fantasize of a solo-retreat in nature with good food to read/write/watch Netflix/fall in love with yourself without being interrupted by anyone?

What about a little rumble with activism? From social media posts to perhaps showing up at the next United Nations General Assembly?

Ready to think on a global scale of how to change the world for the future mothers (i.e. less isolation, more social networks, more community living, more celebration & ceremony, etc.)?

✓ Finally, at the end, are we ready to envision and perhaps even start living the future we dream for our kids?


If yes, then register for the MAMASTERMIND.

Whatever we do, we will dare to shake things up within ourselves, play big in the public sphere and big the fucking shit out of each other.

Whatever the outcome, we are going to have BUTTLOADS OF FUN along the way.

Who is up for the challenge?

If so, get ready for the V-formation!

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Group size:
6–8 women

Length of Program: 6 months
(October 2019–March 2020)

Where: Online

Investment: Sliding scale on what you feel like you can afford $1180-$1680. Payment plan available.

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what’s included: 

  • 8 x NEXT LEVEL SHIT group calls via zoom

  • 8 x easy NEXT LEVEL SHIT actions

  • Accountability to make sure your dreams are not shoved in the back corner of your mental closet

  • Mandatory solo trip

  • Results

All of this in addition to:

  • an even deeper connection with the cool cat mamas you fell in love with in the online mama village

  • immediate & supportive feedback from flying together as a flock

  • coaching & inspiration

  • shattering old beliefs

  • a new found energy

  • the colorful language

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Apply for the mamastermind:

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