WHEN? February 25 - March 2, 2019

WHERE? Koh Samui, Thailand

WHO? A retreat for moms of short crazies

WTF EXACTLY?: Read more below


Dear Mama Bird, 


Fancy 5 days of tanking some vitamin D and vitamin Sea on the healing, sandy beaches of Koh Samui in the middle of winter? 

Give yourself the same amount of energy you give your kids all year long. 

Let someone else plan your playdates, organize your meals, ensure that you’re getting a good night’s sleep, and overall nurture YOU.  

And create lifelong memories with an intimate group of incredible likeminded mamas.  

What can you expect?
• It’s not (just) about the laughing. 
• It’s not (just) about the introspection. 
• It’s not (just) about the deep friendships. 

It's ALL ABOUT THE FOOD. Yes. And...


SAMAHITA RETREAT CENTER is my personal favorite retreat center in the world. Such a vortex of wonderful energy. 

OUR DAILY SHALA- overlooking the ocean. That's where we'll recharge our batteries. Physically. Emotionally. Mentally. 

THE MASSAGES- The best massages in the world. The staff is UBER qualified when it comes to bodies. You'll see.

SPECIAL GUESTS- I have invited some very special guests to sprinkle some fairy dust wisdom on us. Longevity, astrology, iridology, nutrition, pranayama, and yoga nidra is all I'll say for now...




  • Silence. (What’s that?)

  • Deep breaths of fresh air.

  • Refreshing dips in in the ocean.

  • Meditation to the sounds of nature.

  • Witness the sun rise above the ocean while enjoying every bite of your breakfast.

  • Morning movement in the shala with views of the ocean.

  • Laying poolside under the sun with a fresh coconut in hand.

  • All the free time you need to do the things you otherwise don’t have the time to do.

  • Goal-setting with result toward your own happiness. And consequently, that of your family.

  • Life-changing brain and heart acrobatics. 

  • A safe place to unburden and rebalance.

  • Incredibly fresh, nourishing home-cooked Thai meals. 

  • Rest, digest, and restore with yin yoga, yoga nidra, and massage.

  • Enjoy rich conversation during candlelit dinners with likeminded mamas. 

  • Experience deeply restorative, uninterrupted sleep.

  • Wake up feeling wonderful and refreshed.

  • Form lifelong friendships. (It happens on every retreat and it’s miraculous.)

  • Return home feeling relaxed, grounded, and with a new sense of clarity.



$1,299 USD


  • 5 nights accommodation at Samahita (during high season) 

  • 3 delicious and healthy buffet-style meals each day

  • 4 hours of workshops daily

  • 1 hour of Yin Yoga each day (mats & props provided)

  • 30 min daily meditations

  • 1 Visionboard-making session 

  • Very special guest speakers

  • Gifts & pampering kit & unlimited fresh drinking water 

    *Everything is included except your airfare, airport transfers (around USD $26 one-way, cheaper if shared with others), and spa/massage treatments.

    **Plan to come solo (exception made for breast feeding mamas) so you can completely focus on yourself. If that’s not possible, partner and kid(s) are most welcomed to stay with you.  

    ***ARRIVAL & DEPARTURE TIMES: Plan to arrive at Samahita after 3pm on February 25th. And leave on March 2nd around noon.

This is what you see when you land in Koh Samui.

This is what you see when you land in Koh Samui.


SAMPLE DAILY SCHEDULE (subject to change)

  • 8-9AM Breakfast

  • 9-12 Morning workshop

  • 3-5PM Afternoon workshop

  • 5-6PM Yin yoga

  • 6-8PM Dinner



Bank details available. Please contact for more info.