Watch this 1-min video and witness me struggle to say “mindset shift”

Hey Cool Cats,

I'm Carmela.

My life’s purpose (besides my family and the abolishment of sunscreen) is to connect ‘women-who-do-cool-shit’ together.

I am passionate about raising happy & healthy mamas so they can, in turn, raise happy & healthy kids.

This, along with avoiding doing laundry, has been my specialty since 2011.

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I am French by birth and passport, Spanish by mother tongue, Finnish-Swede by marriage, gastronomically Japanese, and spiritually Balinese. 

I received my Bachelor's of Science in Engineering from Tufts University and yet I won’t do anything without the guidance of Goddess Cards.

I'm a certified Wayfinder Master Coach, a certified Holistic Health Coach, a 200 hrs of Embodied Flow Yoga Teacher, a Yin Yoga teacher (studying toward the Insight Yoga Certification with Sarah Powers), and the Village Crazy Mama.

While I'm a mother of two, goddess knows I'm no parenting expert, nor do I pretend to be. 

However, I do have tools up my ketchup-stained sleeve to help mamas refill their tank and find their village.

I'd love to get to know YOU, with potentially equal amounts insights to swear words. 


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