French by birth and passport, Spanish by mother tongue, Finland Swede by marriage and gastronomically Japanese. I speak a mess of languages and feel at home on FaceTime. 

I'm a mother of two. I'm a wonderful mother for the first 8 hours of the day and then, well, I'm no longer wonderful, unless I get a self-care break.

This photo was shot by my toddler by accident. 

This photo was shot by my toddler by accident. 

I like to swear and be classy in equal amounts. I got a Bachelor's of Science in Engineering from Tufts University and yet I will not make a decision without flipping a coin. I prefer being part of the cultural elite than the economic elite. No matter how many skateboard ramps I drop into, I will always love wearing silk dresses that twirl. 

I am a Certified Martha Beck Life Coach, and a Health Coach from the Institute of Integrative Nutrition. I am currently under the leadership of Sarah Powers to become a Certified Insight Yoga Teacher. I like to draw knowledge from these 3 pillars to help clients get healthy in their own innate way, physically, emotionally, and mentally.

"Carmela is what I call a 'Golden Person', a genuine spirit that can lift ones own level of thinking to a higher place."
- Nico Perez, Photographer

"The nuggets of wisdom you get from working with Carmela are, in fact, straight from your own heart. She helps you extract them."
- Natale Cree Adgnot, Artist

"With equal parts of insightfulness and humor plus a dash of your introspection, it's a winning recipe that makes you want to listen to every word she says." - Robin Schneider

(According to the Lumina Spark test, my biggest weakness is my reluctance to draw attention to my own achievements. This self imposed modesty actually handicaps me especially when writing this "about me" section. So that's why I poured some testimonials at the end to help with this vomit-inducing task at hand.)